Storytelling using Scratch

The Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Fall 2019 Girls Who Code Club spent 8 weeks learning how to design, code, and export short stories using scratch. Their stories highlight facts and accomplishments of selected famous women in STEM. Famous women who were highlighted: Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Rosalind Franklin.

Watch a combined video with the short stories here:

Week 1

Club Facilitators: Olivia Davis and Jordan D'Addeo
Club Advisor: Diane McGrath

The club kicked off with:
- Introductions
- Learning about the facilitators - their jobs, background in STEM, and fun facts.
- Intro into the project topic and software
- Examples of what to expect in the sessions to come

Then jumping right in with an exercise to get everyone up and moving. The first club exercise was a "Hopes and Fears" exercise to have an open conversation of what the girls hoped to get out of the club and what they may be nervous about.

Week 2

Learning Scratch Coding Basics
- The girls setup Scratch accounts (parental approval required)
- Learning about Scratch sprites, backdrops, and the code bricks: Motion, Looks, Events, Variables

Created a Practice Project Using the Basics
>> 'Move _ steps'
>> 'Say _ for 1 second'
(This helped apply the scratch basics they had just learned. By select a sprint, and using 2 different code blocks.)

Week 3

Selecting Famous Women in STEM
The girls were grouped into teams of 2 and randomly given 1 famous women in STEM to research and build their short stories around.

Learning Research Basics
- Completed a Design Thinking activity to brainstorm fact topics to research that student their age are interested in
- Based on the outcome of the brainstorming exercise, the girls researched and prioritized facts and accomplishments

The teams mapped out their facts in a storyboard format - 2 rows of 3 post-its - only 1 fact/accomplishment and supporting picture per post-it

Week 4

If Statements

if the restaurant serves pizza then get pizza
if the restaurant serves pizza then get pizzaelse get a sandwich
if the restaurant serves pizza then get pizza else if they serve breakfast then get pancakes else get a sandwich

Week 5


while ingredients are not combined, mix them together
for 10 minutes, bake at 375
forever, eat the cookies

Crunch time! Working sessions...

Week 6
- Selected sprites to represent their characters
- Selected backgrounds to display behind each story scene
- Refined story to a minimum of 5 facts

Week 7
- Organized facts so they were told in a sequence of events
- Tested the story animations to see how long it takes someone to read each fact
- Added custom sprites and backgrounds

Week 8
- Peer reviewed each other's animations
- Learned how to communicate their projects to others
- Learned how to give constructive feedback to each other

Week 9

Final Presentations

On the final club day, the girls presented what they learned throughout the 8 weeks in front of their families and teachers.

Club picture!

Code snippet