Middle School Test Prep Chatbot

Created by the Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Spring 2019 Girls Who Code Club to share test taking tips with fellow students to prepare for EOG (end-of-grade) testing.

Interact with the chatbot:

Building the Bot

Design Thinking: Empathy Maps
Created an Empathy Map to learn about and focus on the user. The users of this chatbot are middle school students preparing for end of year testing.

Focusing Scope
From the pain points identified in the Empathy Map, the team found 5 categories to build tips around: Food, Sleep, Studying, Planning, and Concentration.

Building the Bot: Python
Next, the team coded all of the tips into the bot. Adding 3 tips per category, giving the option to hear more than 1 tip. The bot uses: variables, conditionals, and if statements.

Sharing the Bot

The girls presented their process building the chatbot and gave a live demo in front of the principal, RCMMS teachers, and their parents.

Adding the Bot to the School Website
The RCMMS staff added the chatbot to the school's website, see here. It was also sent out via the school's newsletter.

In the News: Reedy Creek Middle School's Girls Who Code Club Creates Test Prep Chatbot "The Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences' Girls Who Code Club successfully published a Test Prep Chatbot with the help of club mentors from IBM."

See the code