Lekotek Light Boxes

Lekotek is a group that focuses on integrating children with disabilities into everyday activities and to provide families with the skills, materials, and knowledge to effectively help their children at home. Lekotek wanted to bring in learning tools that would allow the children to have a more hands on approach to learning and enable them to explore light, darkness, touch, etc. We teamed up with them to design and build light boxes to help the children with their spelling, reading, and counting.

Product reveal at Lekotek

Timeline: 3 days

Planning (Friday)

Lekotek provided project details and materials. The task was to design, build, and deliver a durable, safe light box to help the children with their spelling, reading, and counting.

Building (Saturday)

After cutting the wood to fit the specifics of each box, grooves were added to slide in the translucent acrylic top. Before adding the top, the lights were secured with hooks to the sides to keep them in place but allow for easy replacement. The letters and numbers were laser cut from 2 pieces of colored acrylic.

Reveal (Sunday)

The opportunity of designing a product that aided in the practice of new teaching techniques geared toward helping children with disabilities learn more effectively was a priceless experience.

Date: March 2015

Team: John Davis, Jocelyn Yao, Derek Spain

industrial design education design for disability