TBA: Children's book

You may initially think, who wants to read about rocks? Inspired by my boyfriend's journey, first pursuing his B.S. in Geology and then becoming a Gemologist. There are hidden gems all around us, each unique, each with a story, each made through incredible earth processes. Our mission is to share environmental history and the beauty of our earth's jewels to future environmentalists and geologists - and share some of our favorites.


Lima Limestone sparkles with mystery,
her dress of shells is made of history.
Calcite and araganite make her skin pretty fragile,
but her travels under the ocean keep her quite agile.

Marten Marble is an artist’s dream,
whether a building, a sculpture, or a decorative beam.
His high purity and light color is what most people see,
but if you dig deeper there’s healing in his chemical properties.

Date: In progress

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