Touch n' Learn

An interactive game to help children learn and practice their language skills. The game was coded using Arduino and C++. This interactive product contains a visualization of a customizable environment, corresponding cards with RFID tags, and playing pieces that match the cards. The video below shows the successes and failures of the project.

Successes and failures in 60 seconds...


This was a 3 week project to combine our knowledge of arduino with product design. Instead of using an existing product we created our own. We designed and constructed a simple game that uses visual cues, RFID tags, and 2 languages. We found the play pieces at a consignment shop and visually designed an environment for them to be placed on. Along with adding rfid tags to the pieces and places on the board, we added miniature lights for visual feedback.


We tested this concept and interviewed children from a local elementary school. Our goal was to create a product that children enjoyed to play with but also would be learning almost without knowing it. We tested it with 5 5th graders enrolled in spanish and 5 5th graders not enrolled in spanish. The game itself and getting audio/visual feedback was exciting for them, ie. when they placed the cow piece on the tree on the board, we had a negative sound play. Our code wasn't 100% successful so our results weren't valid.

Date: March 2013

Team: Nadia Dorado

industrial design interactive products education georgia tech school project